FROM LEFT: National Schools Awards Project coordinator Ricardo Marshall discussing the plans for the “Student Of The Week” project with vice-president of the Association of Public Primary Schools Principals, Michael Walton; Kentucky Fried Chicken’s marketing coordinator Shakeilia Barrow; Cave Shepherd’s area retail manager of Barbados, Beverly Belgrave; Berger’s sales manager Shawn Cumberbatch-Prescod; regional marketing manager Andrea Duguid; and Ryan Nicholls, marketing officer, SMJ Ltd.(Photo by Narupa Moonsammy.)

Spotlight On Students

SOME PRIMARY SCHOOL STUDENTS will soon reap the benefits of their good behaviour. At least one exemplary student will be given an award for Student Of The Week. The programme was launched at Berger Paints, Spring Garden by Ricardo Marshall, who collaborated with the Association of Public Primary Schools Principals (APPSP) and other sponsors Cave Shepherd and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) to give the award. Marshall is hoping that the programme will inspire students to display good behaviour. He noted the award was inspired by his own daughter’s achievements and he is hoping that it will influence others in a positive way. “I can also say that having been privileged to be in constant dialogue with these principals, this is further evidence of their commitment as we often discuss ways of improving an already good educational system,” he said. Principal of Rowland Edwards Primary School and vice president of the APPSP, Michael Watson, said he was responsible for the required areas that qualified students to receive the reward. Some of the requirements are that a student must be obedient to those in authority, observe the schools rules, complete assignments regularly, demonstrate a good work ethic and socialise with peers. They must also keep not only themselves but also their surroundings tidy, be an organised individual and not use abusive language.

“Each school will set up a committee of four to five persons with one person from each department (infants, lower juniors, upper juniors) and [possibly] a senior teacher or another person, and these persons will meet on a weekly basis and come up with that child that best exemplifies the key areas,” said Watson. He said that one of the aims of the initiative stemmed from recent behavioural challenges with students at schools.